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Naturis Herbal

About us


We are a family business that keeps alive the traditional herbalist heritage in alliance with today's advanced techniques and demands. We maintain a firm commitment to the artisan production of natural products for human nutrition care. We are dedicated to creating products from the agricultural stage to commercialisation. We begin with the gestation of seeds, and future plants and carefully continue with the development and subsequent transformation of products for dietary and advanced nutrition. At all times, quality controls are carried out to guarantee our discerning consumers, products of the highest quality.


  • Educational collaboration Philippus - Thuban Program, Real Centro Universitario Maria Cristina - Escorial
  • Partner nº2106 of AINIA, technological centre
  • Educational collaboration with Agroforestry Integrated Centre of Navarre
  • Council of Ecological Agrarian Production of Navarre nº 1060P8872015
  • Spanish Foundation of Dietitians and Nutritionists (FEDN), member nº1352
  • Spanish Federation of Naturopathy Studies (COFENAT), partner nº 4044
High quality raw materials High quality raw materials
Preparation and artisanal processing Preparation and artisanal processing
Family tradition Family tradition

A philosophy of life


In 1984 we initiated the recovery of traditional knowledge of past herbalists in our region since many of them had departed without handing down their knowledge to future generations.

After that, we documented the healing and nutritional properties of plants. This work took us to other countries to recover and share ancestral knowledge. We founded Naturis Herbal® to provide scientific and institutional support to this ancient culture, which has kept man healthy and well through the resources provided by nature, which is of vital importance to maintain the quality of life in today's society as well as for future generations.

Under the motto live healthy, live better, we have developed numerous plant-based nutritional products that help to maintain and preserve human health.


  • 50% kom.0 products
  • Minimum energy expenditure
  • Generation of family employment
  • Promoting sustainable agriculture
  • Environmental preservation
  • Naturis Herbal® bank of native seeds
  • Naturis Herbal® environmentally friendly crops
  • RRR: Reduces · Reuses · Recycles

Know us

El componente familiar de la empresa queda plasmado en todo el personal que trabaja en Naturis Herbal. Diego Arregui, doctor en etnobotánica, es la cara visible de un personal cercano y cualificado que día a día hace crecer esta empresa.

Diego ArreguiEtnobotánico y Nutricionista
Lilian CandianGerente y Terapeuta Floral
Liliana SchindlerQuímica y Responsable de proyectos
Rocío LosadaAdministrativa y Responsable de ventas

Research / Humanitarian Aid


  • Dissemination of health models from nature resources
  • Fostering awareness in the population concerning this knowledge
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles: food, self-management, prevention and health maintenance.

Anthropological and ethnobotanical research of traditional applications for many plants used throughout the centuries by different cultures. Ethnobotanical studies conducted in Africa, India, Latin America and Europe.

Environmental preservation area: Live Biolab in the Amazon. One of the most unspoilt regions of Brazil and our planet, where if preserves a green laboratory dedicated to ecology, quality of life, health and progress.

Collaboration and assessment to NGOs, associations, companies, press, radio (RNE, Onda Cero), television (TVE) and other foreign chains (South Korea, Ireland and Brazil)

Research and development of novel foods and food supplements useful for meeting the needs of a new lifestyle in society.