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Research / Humanitarian Aid

The Noah Ark Project

  • Dissemination of health models from nature resources
  • Fostering awareness in the population concerning this knowledge
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles: food, self-management, prevention and health maintenance.

Anthropological and ethnobotanical research of traditional applications for many plants used throughout the centuries by different cultures. Ethnobotanical studies conducted in Africa, India, Latin America and Europe.

Environmental preservation area: Live Biolab in the Amazon. One of the most unspoilt regions of Brazil and our planet, where if preserves a green laboratory dedicated to ecology, quality of life, health and progress.

Collaboration and assessment to NGOs, associations, companies, press, radio (RNE, Onda Cero), television (TVE) and other foreign chains (South Korea, Ireland and Brazil)

Research and development of novel foods and food supplements useful for meeting the needs of a new lifestyle in society.